Letters to the Editor: Gas price disparities disheartening

I know you hear a lot of complaining about fuel prices in the Clovis area, but I would like to add another.

We made a trip to Ruidoso last weekend and for the first time in my memory gas in Ruidoso was less than in Clovis.

We filled up in Roswell for $2.73 9/10 per gallon. That was 23 cents less than the best price in Clovis.

Does it make you wonder?

I have lived in Clovis since 1963, and never remember Roswell, much less Ruidoso, being cheaper than Clovis.

How many palms are being greased for this skinning of the consumer?

Steven Tjardes

Citizens deserve Thomas’ treatment
Let me preface what I am about to say with this: I believe what happened to Clovis City Manager Joe Thomas to be an outrage. The fact that there could even be an illegal, unconstitutional roadblock set up in the middle of the prairie between Logan and San Jon is not only infuriating, but surreal.

That being said, if more people of “importance” were prosecuted for the same offense Joe Thomas was charged with, perhaps they would put an end to this MADDness.

There are people in New Mexico and this country prosecuted every day for DWI with a blood-alcohol content under the legal limit (some with 0.00 percent and no open container!), without a second thought from the prosecutor about whether or not he or she will prosecute.

Good luck to Quay County District Attorney Ron Reeves on his political future after deciding not to pursue the Thomas case. If I were any one of the people he has prosecuted for first-offense DWI under the same or lesser circumstances as Joe Thomas, I would initiate the class-action lawsuit to end all class-action lawsuits — against Reeves, the county, the state and every cop involved, individually, for discrimination, wrongful and/or malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, and on and on.

It is time to hold to the fire the feet of the people responsible for allowing such travesties to be perpetrated upon the American people.

Glenda Bly