Business Licenses: August, September 2007

The following business licenses were obtained from the city of Clovis in August:

Southwest Siding, Windows and Doors
Type: Siding
Owner: Steve Cox
Location: 600 N. Grimes

Pattye Austin Insurance Agency
Type: Insurance agent
Owner: Pattye Austin
Location: 3217 N. Prince

Matlock Insurance Agency
Type: Insurance agent
Owner: Matt Matlock
Location: 3217 N. Prince

Soothing Sensations
Type: Crafts
Owner: Leslie Denise Gonzales
Location: 105 Ruth

ERO Financial Services
Type: Finance company
Owner: Anthony Lucero
Location: 2720 Wade Blvd.

Type: Transcription
Owner: Mary Virginia Parker
Location: 7533A Florida Loop

Scrap N’ Stuff
Type: Crafts
Owner: Sara Layton
Location: 1204 W. 21st St.

Linn Homes Inc.
Type: General contractor
Owner: Bob Linn
Location: 1756 Fairway Terrace

Bows and More
Type: Crafts
Owner: Stasey Wark
Location: 8508 B Hawaii Ct.

World of Sports
Type: Sporting goods
Owner: Ivan Martin
Location: San Jose, Calif.

Joe Fiola’s Lawn Service
Type: Lawn care
Owner: Joseph Fiola
Location: 1038 Cr G

Sani-Tech Rentals
Type: Portable toilets
Owner: Joe Spalding
Location: 1501 W. Sanger

Rosa M. Lopez/Translations
Type: Language interpretation
Owner: Rosa M. Lopez
Location: 906 Ash

Pretty Nails
Type: Nail salon
Owner: Yen-Nguyen
Location: 600 Texas St.

Bandera Land Planning and Consulting
Type: Consultant
Owner: Iantha Hicks
Location: 1909 Janeway

Cannon Federal Credit Union
Type: Bank
Owner: Member owned
Location: 4205 N. Prince

High Plains Family Safe
Type: Retail/Wholesale
Owner: MRD Ventures
Location: 1605 E. 21st

KD Services
Type: House cleaning
Owner: KY Christiansen
Location: 774 S. Roosevelt Rd. P

American Team Works
Type: Job placement
Owner: Arlan Williams
Location: 1104 E. Manana St. B

Morahan Sign Service
Type: Signs
Owner: Billy Morahan
Location: 1403 Mission Ave.

The following business licenses were obtained from the city of Clovis in September:

R&D Janitorial Services
Type: Janitorial service
Owner: Raul Sena Jr.
Location: 1428 Brentwood Dr.

Clovis Healthcare and Rehab Center
Type: Nursing home
Owner: Skilled Healthcare Group of California
Location: 1201 N. Norris St.

St. Anthony Healthcare and Rehab
Type: Nursing home
Owner: Skilled Healthcare Group of California
Location: 1400 W. 21st St.

Kat’s Enchantments
Type: Jeweler
Owner: Donna Frost
Location: 807 West St.

Custom Wood Products
Type: General merchandise
Owner: Fredrick C. Lopez
Location: 209 N. Oak St.

Choice Inn
Type: Motel
Owner: Narendra Bhakta
Location: 1800 Mabry Dr.

KC Services
Type: Janitorial service
Owner: Cara Taylor
Location: 340 CR D

Custom Works
Type: Plumbing
Owner: Richard Keith Carmichael
Location: PO Box 748

Advantage Tutoring Services
Type: Tutoring
Owner: Christy Hughes
Location: 1601 Arbor Dr.

R R Sports
Type: General merchandise
Owner: Robert Ramirez
Location: 2809 N. Prince St.

Burger King
Type: Fast food
Owner: Robo Foods LLC
Location: 2520 N. Prince St.

Old Mill Motorcycle Shop
Type: Motorcyle/repair
Owner: Billy Slaughter
Location: 301 Curry Ave.

Lopez Masonry
Type: Masonry
Owner: Ramiro A. Lopez
Location: 85 Spur Rd.

Modas KDR
Type: Clothing
Owner: Anabel Sanchez
Location: 3922 N. Prince St.

Leopard Industries Inc.
Type: Farm supplies
Owner: Fathom McKeown
Location: 2901 N. Prince St. Suite C

Quality Furniture
Type: Furniture
Owner: Jason LeClear
Location: 601 N. Main St.