Letters to the Editor: Zoo’s evolution impresses patron

Having grown up in Clovis many years ago and having lived five blocks west of the zoo, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much it has improved over the years.
While visiting relatives during July, we had the pleasure of touring the zoo and meeting some of the workers.
The staff was friendly and bent over backward to see that we had a good experience. They were impressive as were the variety of animals, the habitats and general cleanliness. The entrance fee was certainly reasonable and seems only appropriate to defray some of the city’s expenses.
While I lived in Clovis, the lions were in cages with concrete floors and iron bars. Maybe that is why they roared all night during the summer.
Although the animals are much better off now, it would be a neat trip down memory lane to go to sleep with them carrying on again.

David E. Smith
Springville, Calif.

Lapse of good judgment is human
There has only been one perfect person. It stands to reason the rest of us make mistakes and are guilty of poor judgment now and again.
A good example of this is Steve North’s letter (“Blood-alcohol level beside point”) printed in the Clovis News Journal on Aug. 21.

Gloria Wicker