Dreaming big

Compiled by CNJ administrative assistant Dianna Hernandez

With Saturday’s jackpot for the New Mexico Lottery Powerball at $300 million, the Clovis News Journal asked some local people what they would do with a prize that size. See page 2B for lottery numbers.

Melissa Collaso, a home health provider, said she would:
Pay off all debts
Give to charity
Build herself and her family new homes

Colleen Laumbach, a school principal, said she would use the winnings to:
Finish the renovations of Clovis Christian School
Donate to Christian missions overseas
Set up college accounts for her children

Antonio Solveson, an auto parts store employee, said he would:
Go on vacation for a month or two, spending part of that time in Las Vegas, Nev.
Pay off his house and bills
Buy a vacation home in Ruidoso or Las Vegas, Nev.

Bill Hawkins, a civil servant, said three things he would do with the winnings are:
Get his extended family out of debt
Set up college funds for his children
Donate to charity

Yolanda Infante, a secretary, said she’d use the winnings to:
Help individuals in need
Go on vacation to Hawaii
Invest money for the future in order to continue helping those in need