Thomas to remain city manager

Clovis City Manager Joe Thomas “will continue in his duties as city manager pending disposition of allegations initiated against him in Quay County,” city officials announced in a news release Wednesday.

Thomas was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence on Friday in Quay County. City commissioners held an executive session on Wednesday to discuss the incident but took no action.

Commissioners and Mayor David Lansford declined to comment after the meeting.

Thomas said he was not in the executive session and that commissioners did not speak to him about their discussion.

Thomas declined to discuss Friday’s incident, but said he cooperated fully with officers and did not refuse any requests made by law enforcement officials.

Thomas said he takes three types of medication for high blood pressure but declined to say if the medication could have been a factor in the DUI allegation.

Previously Thomas described the incident as “an extremely bad judgment on my part,” but declined to say anything more.
On Wednesday, Thomas said he hopes to remain as city manager, a position he’s held since 2004.

The news release passed out to reporters following the executive session said commissioners met to discuss a “personnel matter” relating to Thomas.

“Although these are serious accusations, Mr. Thomas is entitled to the same presumption of innocence enjoyed by all citizens under the criminal justice system. Further developments will be evaluated by the Commission when deemed appropriate. Because this is a personnel matter, no further comment will be made.”

Officials did not address whether Thomas’ job might be in jeopardy if he’s convicted of the misdemeanor charges, which also include an open container violation.

Police working a sobriety checkpoint between San Jon and Logan about 8:30 p.m. Friday said an open can of beer was found in the center console of Thomas’ vehicle.

A criminal complaint filed Monday in Quay County Magistrate Court reported a blood sample was drawn from Thomas and sent to the state crime lab, where results are pending.

State Police Capt. Dan Lopez said Thomas, 56, failed a battery of sobriety tests, which led to his arrest and booking at Quay County Detention Center.