July 2, 1956

The Masonic building at Main and Second streets sustained considerable damage after a fire. … Homer Litchfield’s Texaco Service Station at First and Prince claimed to be one of the most modern service stations, equipped to give your car the finest in care from complete lubrication and oil change to repairing a flat tire. … […]

Supreme Court acts against frivolous lawsuits

By Freedom Newspapers Although two justices thought the majority didn’t go far enough in the Tellabs v. Makor Issues ruling handed down Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court interpreted a law so it will accomplish what Congress clearly intended it to do — making it more difficult for aggressive lawyers to bring frivolous lawsuits against companies […]

Taking time off is hard work

By Curtis K. Shelburne: Guest columnist I’ve been working at home on this Monday morning.   Like many preachers and, come to think of it, folks from another honorable profession, barbers, I often try to take at least some time off on Mondays, though it often doesn’t work.   When it does, then sometimes on […]