Police press release: Peacock nest at zoo

Incident Type: There Is No Police Investigation Into Disturbing of a Peahen Nest And Broken Peafowl Eggs At Hillcrest Park Zoo In Clovis

Contact Person:  Patrick Whitney, Captain
This media release is to inform the media that there is no Clovis City Police investigation into the breaking of the Peafowl eggs or disturbing of the nest at Hillcrest Park Zoo. The Zoo had no desire to pursue it and there was very limited information as to the identity of the people that broke the Peahen’s eggs. People should keep in mind that birds such as Peafowl are not protected species and are a member of the Pheasant family known as Peafowl and are subject to being hunted and killed like many other species of birds. The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, the County Sheriff’s Offices or the New Mexico State Police have jurisdiction over the enforcement of Game and Fish laws in the State of New Mexico and such an incident would fall under their jurisdiction for investigation. Municipal Police have no such authority to enforce the game and fish laws. Please refer any further inquiries to the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.