Parents best bet in censoring kids’ video games

By Freedom Newspapers

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. And it’s on the way. “Grand Theft Auto IV,” the latest in arguably the most offensive, raunchy and controversial video-games series of all time, heads to stores this October.

It’ll likely be rated M for mature, meaning no one under 17 should probably be in the same room with this game.

But it’ll be on practically every Christmas list of a kid who happens to own an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, the gaming platforms that’ll offer this game.

It’ll sell millions of copies and make its manufacturers a lot of money.

It’ll prompt calls in Congress ranging from outright censorship or more restraint from video-game makers. Previous versions already have.

But here’s a great idea:

Let’s not put up with Congress trying to play parent here. These people can’t even balance a budget. They considered paying millions of dollars for a road that goes nowhere. They even pass legislation that many members don’t even bother to read first.

Do you really want them to take on a parental role for your kids?

Your kids belong to you, not the government.

Parents can best make this decision.