Thank You Letters: Burglary victims thankful for support

As the victims of the burglary/vandalism/arson that occurred earlier this month, we want to express our most heart-felt thanks to the scores of people who have offered their comfort and support over the past few days.

Cannon Air Force Base, the Operations Support Squadron and the Airfield Operations Flight have shown once again that the Air Force is a family that takes care of its own.

Although we have only lived here three years, we have been blessed with an outpouring of love from our friends in the community, (most notably the Kingswood United Methodist Church) that one would expect to receive only from life-long friends.

We want to thank the Clovis Fire Department for responding so quickly and risking their lives to mitigate our losses. Thanks also to the Clovis Police Department which has been very diligent in its duties.

We are certain the bad guys will be brought to justice.

Clovis is indeed a wonderful place to live and work, but unfortunately the area seems to be experiencing something of a crime spree lately. Please continue to watch out for your neighbors and most importantly pray for this community and for our strained police force, which is truly stretched to the limit.

Although we lost two beloved cats and a lot of irreplaceable things, we will never forget: God is still in control!

Jean and Vince Bowers

Patriotic July 4 music should be annual event
I would like to thank the community choir for its excellent program of patriotic American songs before the fireworks display at Greene Acres on July 4.

I hope this will be a regular part of the event. It honored our nation in just the right way.

I also enjoyed the other patriotic music that was played. Thank you so much

Shirley A. Martin