Letters to the Editor: Tackling Saddam, Iraq was right move

Kirby Rowan’s letter (“Modern war bigger problem than enemies”) in the June 26 CNJ is completely misguided, and the analogy of a man dumping garbage in your front yard is asinine and simple minded.

If all Saddam Hussein (presumed bad neighbor in the letter) was doing was dumping garbage in his neighbor’s yard that would be one thing; unfortunately it was not. If that same neighbor had a rifle and he shot it into the air periodically it would be different story entirely; especially if he also had taken shots at your dog and said your children and wife were next.

Saddam had and Saddam did! More than 100,000 Kurds and only God knows how many Iranians were killed by his poison gas. Oh wait a minute! He didn’t have weapons of mass destruction!

That Saddam Hussein possessed WMDs is a simple, irrefutable, fact of history. He had WMDs; he bragged that he had nukes and refused United Nations inspectors entry per the terms of his surrender in 1992. And then, when they were allowed in, he played a “shell game” with them.

What was the world to think? Only time and Israel kept him from having operational nuclear weapons. Additionally he was a major sponsor of world terrorism and allowed his country to be used as a staging and training area for Islamic terror groups. While he may not have had a direct hand in 9/11, his government did allow some of the training exercises for it to be staged in Iraq.

Evil must be confronted and destroyed. If it isn’t, it will destroy you. That is exactly what President Bush is doing; confronting evil.

In the long view of (honest) history, in spite of some instances of bad judgment, Bush will be recognized as a far sighted and courageous president.

Nathan McCreery

Needle program meant to protect children
Regarding the June 26 letter “Needle program encourages addiction” in the CNJ:

I would like to provide some background and history about the program. The program was not designed to get the IV drug users more supplies and enable their habit. This program came as a result of situations happening throughout New Mexico. Let’s face it, not all IV drug users are responsible for themselves, much less someone else.

We were receiving numerous calls and visits from parents and families whose children picked up a dirty syringe in the parking lot, at the park and other places. The dirty syringes were also being discovered by motel workers, EMS, police officers and city sanitation workers.

As a parent and a grandparent, I can say from experience that no matter how many times you tell children not to pick up things, they do not always listen.

We have a large number of Hepatitis B and C clients in our area. Our goal is to educate and protect against the disease. We put a lot of research, time and effort in accomplishing this program that does assist the IV user, but more importantly, to help others that might be exposed.

We do discuss rehabilitation with the users. We also provide education and try to get them other assistance as needed.

Anyone who would like to know more about the program is encouraged to contact our office at 763-5583.

Gayla Jaquess
Clovis Health Office

Flags on Fourth were proud display of patriotism
What a great sight in Clovis on July 4 — so many houses with a flag!

A great big thanks to the persons who spent the time and expense to decorate our city.

This city and country is the greatest. May God bless us all.

Mona Robinson