Police press release on bomb threat

Here is the press release issued Friday by Clovis police following a bomb threat at Bank of America:

On 06/29/2007 at about 10:58 AM the Clovis Police Department received a call from Bank of America staff reporting that they had received a bomb threat from a female caller asking if it was the bank that had a bomb threat the other day and that this will be a real bomb today and that it would be brought in today.

Officers and Detectives responded to the bank, which had already been evacuated.  Officers conducted a preliminary search and two follow-up searches of the building and did not locate any suspicious looking packages. 

The bank officials did not request assistance from the Cannon Security Forces for an explosive detection dog (K9) and wanted to return to business. The Clovis Police Department has stationed Officers in and around the Bank of America for the remainder of the workday due to the nature of the threat that the bomb would be brought in.

The phone call was traced to a pay phone at the 11th and Mitchell Street Allsups Convenience Store in Clovis. The Clovis Police Department will be conducting a criminal investigation dealing with the bomb threat.

It is unknown at this time if this bomb threat is related to the bomb threat called in on the Bank of America on June 11, 2007.