In Tribute: Family remembers court clerk’s kindness

By Tony Gutierrez: CNJ staff writer

Christine Casaus’ desk at the district court clerk’s office still has socks in the drawer and her jacket on the chair two weeks after she died June 15.

Casaus, 52, was a deputy court clerk in the 9th Judicial District Court for 15 years. Family and friends remember her as loving and giving.

“She gave the shirt off her back numerous times to help others,” said her daughter, Linda Casaus. “She’d always think of others before thinking of herself.”

Casaus would show acts of kindness by giving neck massages or cooking for friends and coworkers, court manager Shelly Burger remembered.

“My husband had surgery recently and she brought us burritos and chili. We had about three different meals,” Burger said.

Coworker Irene Rodriguez said she met her husband at one of the many barbecues Casaus would have at her house.

“She was our little cupid because she introduced me and my husband,” Rodriguez said.

Linda Casaus said her mother loved doing things for the neighborhood children.

“There was one time she had a little camp-out for all my cousins and all the neighborhood kids,” she said. “There was a chimenea (fireplace), and she had it on all night long. In the morning, she woke up and made them breakfast burritos.”

Linda Casaus said her mother loved family vacations and always found the good in things.

“She was amazed at the ocean and the sand in Hawaii,” she said. “After eating at the restaurant, she applauded God for making land so beautiful and so amazing.

“She always looked at the bright side of everything.”

Her husband, Jimmy Casaus, said despite becoming really ill the last few months due to complications from surgery, she’d still go to work and go about her business.

“So many people were shocked. They had no idea she had bad days and good days,” Jimmy said. “She wasn’t the kind to go off and feel sorry for herself and complain. You could tell she wasn’t feeling well, but she’d hold her head up and continue smiling and go on.”

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