Report: Local women’s salaries below average

Staff and wire reports

ALBUQUERQUE —Curry County ranks 24th out of 33 New Mexico counties in median income of women, according to a report released Monday by the state Commission on the Status of Women.

The median annual earnings of full-time female workers in Curry County is $19,523, according to the report. Los Alamos County tops the list at $40,246. Harding County is the lowest at $15,750.

Women in Roosevelt County make an average of $20,684, which ranks 16th in the state.

Curry County was also ranked low in woman’s political participation, women who completed four or more years of college, infant mortality rate and mortality rate for heart disease (last).

The commission, reviewing 2000 Census figures, also found that men’s median income ranked higher than that of women in all 33 of New Mexico’s counties.

The statewide median income for women, $25,600, ranked New Mexico 42nd in the nation.

The report, the 2007 Status of Women in New Mexico Counties, also looked such statistics as the number of women-owned businesses, as well as health issues.

In Curry County, women made 78 cents on the dollar compared to men. The statewide average was 74.6 cents.

Overall, Curry was ranked as the 20th best county for women out of 23 counties. Roosevelt County was fifth.

By the numbers
Other Curry County figures from the New Mexico Commission on the Status of Women’s 2007 report:

Percentage of women who have completed four or more years of college, 18th out of 28 counties

Percentage of women who live below the official poverty line, 12th out of 32 counties

Percentage of woman-owned businesses

Percentage of women who are employed in management, professional or related occupations, 24th out of 29 counties

Percentage of Curry County population who are female (22,733)