Letters to the Editor: Entertainer has no place at Walter Reed

I read that Joan Baez had been denied a concert at Walter Reed Hospital and couldn’t imagine why it had happened.

Maybe she could call Hanoi Jane Fonda and have her explain that there are still a good number of Vietnam vets who remember her well, and really have too much respect for our Iraq/Afghanistan vets to inflict a Joan Baez on them.

I think that in the not-too-distant future, we will find that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will take their place at the side of Fonda and Baez.

It seems that we are blessed with good military leaders who will stand up and let the Fonda-Pelosi folks know that they remember.

Stanley Glenn

Smokers should stand up for cigarette rights

I do not patronize cafes or bars in which I cannot enjoy a cigarette with or after my meal.

I think people who have a problem with smoking should go places where they don’t have to put up with it.

The blame for smoking bans is not all on the politicians — the smokers have let it happen.

This is just one more right we have allowed to be taken from us. I wonder what is next.

Maxine Goldsmith

Good Samaritan makes wallet owner’s day

Our family would like to express our thanks to the kind stranger who returned my daughter’s wallet on April 2.

Clovis never ceases to amaze me with all its caring people. This kindness made my daughter’s day.

Winnie Boyce