Vehicle thefts halted

CNJ Staff

Police responding Wednesday to a call of juveniles attempting to break into a car in the parking lot of a North Prince Street fabric store recovered items reported stolen in other incidents, according to police reports.

The officer said he encountered two male juveniles matching a description given by the caller, a report reads. When he detained them for questioning, he found items in their possession including two mp3 players, a digital camera, a key fob for a Ford vehicle and two CD cases, the report said.

While talking to the youths, the officer was approached by a woman who said she had just reported a vehicle burglary to another officer and asked if the juveniles were involved. She told the officer her purse and truck keys had been stolen, the report said.

The officer pressed the buttons on the key fob he had recovered and the lights on the woman’s truck blinked, the report said.

One of the recovered iPods contained the name of a resident in the 3000 block of Adenmore, who had reported a burglary the previous day. According to a separate police report, a man said he left his vehicle unlocked outside his residence. He said he heard a noise and discovered two juvenile males trying to back his car out of the driveway. The man said the car got stuck and the youths fled the scene, the report said. He said his iPod was missing and told police the device would show his name as the registered user, according to the report.

The case is being investigated for connections to other burglaries.

The youths face charges of felony possession of stolen property, burglary and unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, according to the reports.