Pintores welcomes new artists

By Clyde Davis: Local Columnist

The annual Pintores art show April 20-29 at the Main ARTeri gallery on Main Street is a wonderful venue for local artists of all levels and experience categories to show their work, receive positive and encouraging feedback, and build relationships with other artists.

It is called the “Spring Fling.”

As a member of Pintores, I can say we would love to see many different mediums. New artists would be a real plus.

One of the things I derive as a member of Pintores is being part of what someone once called “the community of artists.” That’s why we would love to have artists bring their work to this show as a way of getting to know us. There’s something sad when artists view one another as rivals.

Put it this way.

One of my favorite ways to express myself artistically is through the carving of traditional hunting decoys. This is New Mexico. There are a limited number of woodcarvers here, let alone decoy carvers. So I get a lot of benefit out of being part of an online community of decoy carvers, which includes some of the country’s best.

In the same way, artists of any medium benefit from being together, showing together, working together and talking together.

This is, I stress, a safe place for budding artists to try their wings, with many different forms represented.

I have stated before that, in terms of talent and ability, Santa Fe has nothing on Clovis.

The talent may not be as numerous, but it is as broad in range and competentcy.