Letters to the Editor: Church cleanup crew answer to prayers

Editor’s note: The Clovis News Journal will publish thank-you letters related to the March 23 tornado through next Sunday. Please limit letters to 150 words. And yes, we will waive our Opinion-page policy regarding for-profit businesses, so that readers may thank them for services performed during the storm. Send letters to:

A special thank you to the cleanup crew from Faith Christian Family Church that worked the area of Gleanarm Drive on Sunday after the tornado.

It truly was a blessing to see them arrive with pickups, flat-bed trailers and a large crew of people to load up all the fencing and rubble that was stacked up in the alley and front yards of the various homes.

The big question at the time was, “How are we ever going to get rid of all this junk?”
Thank you, Faith Christian Family Church. You were the answer to our prayers.

Walt and Margie Boatman

Former resident proud of hometown
I have lived in Houston for 10 years, coming from my hometown of Clovis. My family has roots in Clovis going back 40-plus years, with my father Gerald Spahr still living there.

I was shocked to hear about the news of the tornado. My father said he jumped in a closet as the storm approached, as did other family members I spoke with in Clovis.
My dad lives next to Zia Elementary School and told me just how close it was.

I brag to everyone about how proud I am of the people in my hometown. Clovis is unique in that neighbors still help neighbors and reach out to those in need.

I did not know the elderly woman who was killed or anyone displaced by this tragedy, but I am keeping them all in my prayers and know that Clovis takes care of its own.

Diane Lohman

Dallas dweller still calls Clovis home
I was born in Clovis, I grew up in Clovis, I still love Clovis. I have lived in Dallas for over 30 years, but Clovis is still and will always be home for me.

I grew up fearing that someday a tornado would strike this wonderful city that I love. Well, it finally happened. And even though it could have been worse, my heart hurts over this.

I grieve for those who have been displaced, those that were injured, and especially for those that mourn the loss of a loved one. My thoughts and prayers are with my hometown that I still love so passionately.

This hurts and it hurts deeply.

Jarvis Young

Medical worker went above and beyond
I would like to extend my warmest thanks to Lance Wendell at 1st Choice Medical Equipment Co. He came out Friday night after the tornado to check on my roommate, MaryLou Leger, who is on oxygen 24/7, to make sure she had enough oxygen tanks to last until our power was restored.

It was a real surprise to see him at the door despite the weather. That is customer service above and beyond what was expected.

Colleen Murphy

Oxygen supplier greatly appreciated
A big thank you to everyone who helped us after we lost power Friday night. And a special thanks to Apria Healthcare, which furnished oxygen to my husband Dennis.

His regular provider couldn’t be reached, he needed oxygen and couldn’t take his breathing treatments. Apria helped us when we called their emergency number.

Also thanks to all those at Sandia Baptist (most of our deacons), including Tommy Hohstadt who got us a generator from W.T. Denton Mechanical at no charge on Sunday, and to Jim Roller, Ricky Smith. T.J. Watson, and others for bringing it to us. And thanks to Christine Marquez, who put our food into her freezer.

We were fortunate not to suffer damage, but I’m sure Dennis would have gone into the hospital without the help of all the above.
God bless each of you.

Phyllis King

Laurel Ridge administrator offers many thanks
As administrator of Laurel Ridge Healthcare, I must first recognize and praise my staff who worked in a highly professional and calm manner to ensure the safety of our residents. I am thankful we had no loss or injury at our facility. Several staff members selflessly came in after the storm to offer assistance and those efforts are much appreciated.

I also want to thank the staff at Allsup’s at 14th and Norris, who sold us flashlight batteries despite being closed and without power themselves.

And I’d like to thank Steve Rooney, Kevin Robbins and the staff of KSEL Country 95.3 for keeping us up to date on developments after the storm and for allowing me to announce on air that all was well at Laurel Ridge. Several family members called and said they heard this broadcast, which calmed their fears.

Anthony Ughetti

Fire chief grateful for donations
Our heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who donated food, water, supplies, assistance and prayers during the tornado crisis.

In times like this, it really comes to the forefront of how wonderful it is to live in Clovis.

We have seen it before and we certainly saw it this past weekend — you are there for us when we need you and we want you to know how much we appreciate all that you did for us.

Please accept our apologies for not keeping an accurate account of the donations, but know it was not taken lightly. Everything was very much appreciated.

Ray Westerman
Clovis fire chief