Tornado tales: Bowling alley source of refuge

By Marlena Hartz: CNJ staff writer

About 15 people huddled inside or near the locker room of Mainline Bowl on Friday night as the tornado roared by, according to employee Steve Foisie.

The group included three employees and mostly children who were there to bowl.

“The kids were crying,” Foisie said.

Foisie heard a loud roaring and then silence.

“The ceiling was rumbling like it was paper,” he said.

Windows burst and debris flew through the alley, but no one was hurt.

Owner Alice Wood on Saturday marveled at the damage, sweeping pounds of paper and debris into a large trash can.

Light streamed through the wall of Mainline Bowl, 120 Maple St. Scars were left behind when an RV slammed into the side of the bowling alley span four lanes.

“I never expected something like this would happen,” she said.

She plans to repair the alley and reopen, but couldn’t guess how long that would take Saturday.