McDonald’s owners hoping to find Wendy

Wendy, a brindle boxer who belongs to John and Robyn Snowberger, escaped from her owners’ back yard on March 11. (Courtesy photo)

By Marlena Hartz: CNJ staff writer

The search for Wendy has reached a scale unseen for many dogs: A description of her flashes across electronic message boards at two Clovis restaurants; her photo appears in a 6-inch-long Clovis News Journal advertisement; a $500 reward and free hamburgers are promised for her return.

Her owners, Clovis residents John and Robyn Snowberger, believe Wendy is worth it.
“You will do anything for a pet that is good,” Robyn Snowberger said.

Wendy, a 3-year-old female brindle boxer, has been missing since March 11, according to the Snowbergers. She escaped from the back yard when the couple weren’t home, said Robyn Snowberger, who feels her absence acutely.

“A boxer was my dream dog,” she said.

Wendy usually lays near when she does household chores and sleeps at her feet.

“She’s a great-natured dog,” she said.

The Snowbergers, who own the McDonald’s at 14th and Mitchell streets, decided to use their business to search for Wendy. An electronic message board in the McDonald’s parking lot spells out their search. A similar message board does so at Taco Box.

The couple is also offering the person who leads to her recovery free hamburgers for a year.

“We serve thousands … (at McDonald’s) … every day. We thought maybe someone had seen her and thought we would exhaust every means possible (to get her back),” Robyn Snowberger said.

Going to lengths to find a missing pet is somewhat common, according to Mikki Gayoso, an employee of Thrifty Nickel, a newspaper of classifieds where the Snowbergers have also placed an ad for Wendy.

At least 10 people place ads looking for missing dogs at Thrifty Nickel weekly, according to Gayoso. About 1 percent of those customers offer rewards for the return of their pet, she said.

“I know I would cry if I lost my dog,” Gayoso said.
That’s how Robyn Snowberger feels.

“It would mean the world to me to get (Wendy) back,” she said.

• Anyone with information about Wendy’s
whereabouts can contact John and Robyn Snowberger at 799-2824 or