Center of universe beats cold any day

By Grant McGee: Local columnist

You’ve been tempted to leave Clovis, haven’t you?

Come on, admit it.

Well, such temptation came to me in an e-mail the other day. A former co-worker wanted to know if I’d like to be on his staff at a business in Iowa. I hadn’t been looking for a new job. I knew my pal had left New Mexico and moved to The Hawkeye State to be nearer to his folks.

What I knew about Iowa came from my year of traversing America as the driver of an 18-wheeler: Iowa is green, has rolling hills, lots of farms and its flag is pretty cool because it has an eagle on it.

“It’s cold,” said The Lady of the House. “Ice storms and big snows happen every day over there.”

“Even in summer?” I asked.

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” she said. “And I couldn’t grow tomatoes or green peppers. Iowa has a short growing season.”

I called my buddy Wayne in Roswell to talk about the offer.

“It’s cold up there, bro,” was the first thing Wayne said. That was really all he had to share about Iowa. That and it’s far away from family and friends in New Mexico.

I thought about Iowa, I thought about Clovis. I’ve moved so much in my life it’s become part of my life’s rhythm, a part I’m trying to shake off. Moving has that Siren’s song lure: a new place, new experiences, new people; it gets the adrenaline going. And yet I realize there comes a time when it’s good to just stay put.

I kicked around whether I wanted to just stay in New Mexico or go flying off down the road to a new life in Iowa. On one hand I work for a great bunch of folks, we have beautiful warm weather here along with sunshine 350-plus days a year and it’s cold in Iowa.

We have great sunrises and sunsets like none other, good people, it’s not too crowded and, yeah, we get wind but it doesn’t last long and it cleans up the yard and the roof.

And it’s cold in Iowa.

In Clovis there aren’t hurricanes, floods, earthquakes or tsunamis. Clovis might be the center of the universe, too, because it’s not far to lakes, mountains, the desert, forests or a good bicycle shop. We have a bustling little Main Street, pancake breakfasts, chili dinners, spaghetti dinners, cowboy stew dinners just to name a few. We have ethnic fairs, art fairs, a Pioneer Days parade, a Christmas parade and, best of all, you can go yard sale-ing over 10 months out of the year.

And, you know, it’s cold in Iowa.

Soon the excitement that came with the flattery of being asked wore off. Then I knew I’d tell my friend thank you for the offer but I’d be staying in Clovis.

“I think this job offer came up so we would count our blessings living here,” said The Lady of the House. “Besides, it’s really cold there in Iowa.”

Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying, “I reckon every man is about as happy as he wants to be.” It’s what I thought about as I made my decision.

Besides, I bet the Mexican food in Iowa is nowhere near as good as it is here in New Mexico. And you know, it’s cold in Iowa.

Grant McGee hosts the weekday morning show on KTQM-FM in Clovis. Contact him at: