Consultant hired to examine Special Events Center bids

By CNJ staff

An outside consultant has been hired to examine the construction bids for the county’s Special Events Center

Curry County Manager Dick Smith told the Curry County Commissioners in January that three of the bids — which comprise 60 percent of the cost of the project — were more than double the cost of what was estimated by the project architect.

The bids in question were for concrete, masonry and steel work.

Smith said Clayton Stallings, owner of Heritage, Inc., is studying the bids.

“He (Stallings) has many years of experience (in construction),” Smith said, “so he is going back over the numbers to see what happened.”

If the bids are found to be substantiated by Stallings, Smith said additional funding would be needed for the multi-purpose center.

“We are asking for $1.3 million from legislators,” Smith said, “and we are looking at value engineering or reducing cost in other areas.”

Smith said the high bids have resulted in delaying the completion date by a few weeks of the $6.8 million project on a parcel of land located on the west side of the Curry County Fairgrounds. But, once construction begins, the 85,000-square-foot indoor arena should be completed in a year.

“We are going to build this thing,” Smith said.