Reporter’s Notebook: Resident to appear on paid programming

A CLOVIS RESIDENT will peddle the fertilizing device his grandfather created on television today.

Robert Thorn, general manager of Inject-O-Meter Mfg. Co., and his “chemigation” and “fertigation” pumps will be featured on “World Business Review.”

The pumps are primarily used to inject fertilizers and other chemicals into agricultural irrigation systems, Thorn said. But the pumps are becoming popular in irrigation of golf courses, as well, he said.

“‘FERTIGATION’ IN THE GOLF COURSE INDUSTRY is a fairly new concept,” Thorn said.
“We hope being on the show will get us a lot more businesses,” Thorn said. “There are something like 200 million potential viewers.”

INJECT-O-METER was founded in 1965 by Thorn’s grandfather.

This is Thorn’s first television appearance.

The pre-taped show will air as paid programming at 1 p.m. today on CNBC. “World Business Review” is hosted by Alexander Haig.

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