Potholes plentiful in city

By CNJ Staff

Nearly a week after close to a foot of snow fell on Clovis and its roads, motorists are still feeling the impact on their daily commutes.

Several potholes have been discovered throughout the city, and officials say they have few options while there is still moisture on the roads.

“Right now, until we can get some of the moisture out, we’re applying sandbags to level them out,” Clovis City Manager Joe Thomas said. “Hopefully, in the next few days, we can go in with a temporary asphalt … called cold mix.”

Cold mix is a combination of unheated mineral aggregates and emulsified asphalt binders that can be mixed at a plant or on location. Its primary use is temporary patching.

Later on, Thomas said, crews should be able to cut into some of the bigger potholes and fill them with a more permanent material.

“We’ve seen a lot of holes developing in some of the major intersections,” Thomas said. “We’ll move out from there and expand.

“To complete the permanent repairs, we’re looking at at least 30 days.”

Thomas said he has instructed the public works department to keep a close accounting of the repair project from its start Jan. 19 to its completion. A cost estimate would be premature, he said.