Letters to the Editor: Weather warrants more equipment, care

Regarding the city of Clovis’ performance in combating the weekend snow:

Public Works Director Harry Wang said he feels the town has done a good job dealing with the snow. Apparently neither Wang nor the Public Works Department drove down the majority of side streets in town.

I would think with the changing weather pattern this part of the country is receiving that a few more plows could be purchased and that more sand and salt could be stored. The town needs a separate budget for weather-related issues like this recent snow.

The city of Clovis is not doing the job that our taxes are paying for.

Nancy Gallagher

Clovis falls behind in snow, ice removal
Regarding Tuesday’s CNJ report on problems caused by last weekend’s snow:

The explanation of why Clovis’ main streets were not passable is unacceptable.

Look at Portales, where I work. Those main streets were clear.

Clovis needs to raise its budget and/or have a separate fund for snow and ice removal.

We should not have to depend on nature to make our streets safe for driving. If Texico and other places can do proper snow removal under the same conditions, so can Clovis.

Tony Rodriguez

Many homicides due to drugs
It is with great sadness that I am writing this letter today.

Every year, we have a memorial tree dedicated to the victims of homicide. Every year, it is our hope that no new names get added to our list. Only two weeks into this new year, we already had two new names to add to our tree.

My hope is that with writing this letter, I can bring awareness to the community about how homicide affects so many people.

Unfortunately, it seems there are so many children having their lives turned upside down.

Those closely connected with a homicide have their lives impacted for their entire lives.

I believe drugs play a large part in the murders in this area. It is with this knowledge that I am pleading with the community to step in and step up.

I would encourage anyone with knowledge of illegal drug use to notify authorities. Drug users most of the time will not seek help on their own. That is where we as a community need to stand up and say we will not tolerate it any more.

Ultimately, the addict must decide if he or she wants to be free from drugs. By reporting them to law enforcement we can at least maybe get them pointed in the right direction.

I would encourage people to just think about how one poor choice affects so many people.

Jennifer McKinney