Abductor still unknown

By Sharna Johnson: CNJ Staff Writer

The trail of a man accused of abducting a 10-year-old Oklahoma girl recovered Friday in Clovis has gone cold, according to an agent with the FBI in Oklahoma.

“We have no idea who this is — we are hoping the public will step forward and (help us find him) — we have no idea who is responsible for this kidnapping,” Special Agent Gary Johnson with the FBI in Oklahoma said Monday.

Marissa Graham of Texhoma was reunited with her parents Friday night after police said she escaped from her captor at Allsup’s convenience store on Mabry Drive.
Marissa was abducted around 6:30 p.m. (CST) Thursday while riding her bike near a park in Texhoma, Okla., police said.

Johnson said the girl escaped when the vehicle she was being held in pulled up beside the Allsup’s and she was able to open a latch with her foot and slip out the rear of the vehicle.

“He appeared to park on the side of the convenience store — that’s an unusual place to park. We’re hopeful one of your readers will remember a vehicle matching the description parked there,” Johnson said.

If apprehended, Johnson said the abductor will face federal kidnapping charges in Oklahoma, with a potential sentence of up to life in prison if convicted.