Jan. 19, 2007 Amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift, and he shuns punctuation marks — except dashes and hyphens.

a cold winter s day

virgil the praying mantis
told me there would be
days like this past week boss —

still who would ve guessed
this week would be so
miserable question mark
here boss

we ve had the most disgusting
downcast days i ve ever
seen — and i ve seen my
share of gray freezing
miserable tail-dragging
days — but this week
took the prize
on a richter scale for
snow and ice last week
was an eleven

first of all boss i got
three rejection slips in
the mail for my three
best poems then when i
went outside the sun
ran off to hide

come back here sun says i
you re no fun how can i
run and play when you re
gone away

instead a big norther blew
across the land with stinging
snowblasting winds

and to top it all boss
while walking down the
miserable darkened street
i bumped into the doom-and-
gloom duo mopey molerus
and bertie woeworm

woe is me cried bertie and
me simultaneously

what are you doing here in
town above the ground
says i to mopey

you know me says he
i follow misery and
not the sun show me
some sleet and i ll
have some fun what a
lovely day to be downtown
there s more ice in the air
than dirt under the ground

hello there friend bertie
lovely day to get snowdirty
don t ya think says i not
really wanting a reply

oh dear oh dear
bertie moaned and groaned
i fear the end is near

don t try to be so
cheerful says i
trying to avoid being
fearful myself

oh woe is us oh woe is us
bertie fretted and fussed
our fate is already sealed
our world can never be healed
frostbite and icy destruction
around us flies
too soon we live too soon we die
oh woe is us oh woe is us
he continued to fret and fuss

boss i had to get away
they were driving me insane
i turned a corner and found
some respite from the wind

then i noticed little jenny the
girl mouse next door huddled
in the corner of a phone booth
and reading her bible

what are you reading
says i grateful for a
moment s peace and calm

ecclesiastes four-six
she says it s really helpful
on a day like this

read it to me says me
rather desperately

ok says she here goes
better is a handful with
quietness than both hands
full with toil and striving
after the wind

then we sat and stared at each
other and felt the peace of
the lord surround us

you know what boss
jenny and the bible
were right