Letters to the Editor: Those who serve deserve our thanks

A couple of days before Veterans Day this year, I received an e-mail from a fellow Vietnam veteran. The e-mail contained a music video titled, “A Pittance of Time.”

This song was written by Terry Kelly from Nova Scotia. The song’s words and music intrigued me deeply so I looked up the history of the song on the Internet.

As I watched this video, memories of my time in Vietnam flooded into my mind and I began to think of my company commander who went down in the Huey helicopter trying to save wounded infantrymen. For his life, he received the Congressional Medal of Honor.


His name was William E. Adams. He was 31 at the time. We called him the old man.

I believe Ronald Reagan said it the best when he reminded us that our mind has a tendency to play tricks on us. We visualize our fallen heroes as old men when in reality most are young men who have given up two lives; the one they were living and the one of the future in which they would have become husbands, fathers, and grandfathers. They gave up their chance to be revered old men. These and many other things they would never experience.

They gave their all.

May we keep in our mind the ones who are serving our country now and perhaps once in a while observe a couple of minutes of silence to reflect on their sacrifices?

Don Reid

Republicans should
return to roots

So the Dems have taken control of Congress.

Big deal.

Now they will have to prove themselves, which they won’t.

Remember Franklin Roosevelt, Kennedy, Clinton et all?

As for being the most open, honest, ethical etc. — get real. That is what Clinton promised.

Bush is doing just right in standing firm in Iraq whether the world (and U.S.) Islamo fascists like it or not.

Americans have been lied to by the media of course and don’t know the facts, but still they have voted.

Republicans need to get back to being Republicans and not second-rate Dems. Republicans are the party of life, faith, liberty and justice.

The cowardly and controlled world hates Bush because their masters do.

This is not good for America and not good for Israel.
Not good at all.

Sharon Faulkner