Americans have good reason to give thanks

By Freedom Newspapers

Every year in America we are given the opportunity to contemplate all our blessings. For many, this day of thanksgiving turns into a gathering of family and feasting on rich and exotic fare.

Let us not forget, however, our most basic of all blessings — that we live in a free country where dreams can become reality and our voices can be raised in protest in order to form a more perfect union.

Where else in the world can you find such wealth of opportunity? In America, you can choose to be a bum; in some other countries, you are simply relegated to be poor and uneducated by the government. In other countries, the color of your skin, the way you dress, your lineage or religion can destine you to a lifetime of hard work, inescapable poverty and sometimes a tortuous death.

And while we have those in America that would seek to do the same, those people are the exception not the norm and they are heartily condemned by most Americans.

In America, we are free to cut the trees, mine the land and suck the oil from the Earth. Everyone can own a car and the roads on which they drive are, for the most part, wide and safe.

We are a country of suburbs, green lawns and rolling ranches, entwined in asphalt and concrete. We are a nation of sprawling fields of wheat, corn and other crops, and millions of acres of pasture land to accommodate most any animal known to man.

We are a nation of hulking cities, their buildings looming into the skyline and its shadows hiding our darkest secrets.

We are a nation of ballerinas and cowboys, liars and Honest Abe, of rocket ships and skateboards, rivers and oceans, mountains and desert.

In America, we are free to travel anywhere we want by most any means we want. We can pursue any job, worship any god, love any one person or people and kindle any interest we have within our moral fabric.

Our country is the one most others would like to be. We have the heart to share with ours, the soul with which to guide others and the freedom with which we fuel our abilities and riches beyond any other nation.

Regardless of your circumstances, despite whatever hardships you may have, today, recount your blessings and know you are truly blessed because you are an American.