Letters to the Editor: ENMU grateful for Bond B passage

With the passage of Bond B in the General Election, Eastern New Mexico University will move forward with plans to renovate its Music Building.

The bond provides $4.5 million for this purpose. The next step will be hiring an architect to design the renovation for a building that was constructed in 1957 for a program that has far outgrown the facility.

Bond B passed statewide with about 55 percent approval, and 62.6 percent approval in Roosevelt County — the fourth-highest approval in the state.

We are very grateful to Roosevelt County voters for approving Bond B. We have a wonderful music department. Now our faculty will be able to train students in a facility that more closely matches the amazing job they do. And the public will be able to enjoy the fruits of this labor in professional caliber performances by our students and faculty.

In addition to voters, we also thank all the volunteers, too numerous to single out, who worked tirelessly in promoting Bond B. This support will soon translate into a tangible structure that will pay intangible benefits to Roosevelt County and New Mexico for years to come.

Once again to the citizens of Roosevelt County, thank you.

Steven Gamble
ENMU president

Those who touch lives appreciated

I just read about Jack Williamson’s death and it brought back some memories of the 1970s and ’80s.

I met Jack in 1972 or 1973 when I was a student at Eastern New Mexico University.

One of my best friends was Karla Lovorn, Jack’s granddaughter. Karla was an English major and we had occasion to discuss quite a bit of literature and had a few games of tennis. She had one dandy forehand smash that I could rarely return.

I remember when she introduced me to Jack. He was the most gracious, nicest man I think I ever met. He would discuss anything and had knowledge about most of it — much more than a college freshman like me.

He was also a fine writer. “Darker Than You Think” is my favorite of his.

Another talented writer, living and working in the Portales area, is Marcia Howl. When I first came to Eastern, Marcia was teaching English and was instrumental in helping to make me think and be a better learner. Marcia and her family will always have a special place in my heart.

It is many years since those days. I am the city manager of Willcox, Ariz., now and it is most doubtful that I could have attained a career like I have, or a perspective on life like I do, without knowing those folks — Jack, Karla and Marcia. I wish I could see and talk with them today.

Mike Leighton
Willcox, Ariz