Bed bandit strikes

CNJ Staff

A disabled customer walked out of a Clovis medical supply store with a mattress without paying for it, a police report said.

Tuesday afternoon, Cinda Barringer of Clovis Brace called police to report a disabled customer suffering from “morbid obesity and other ailments” had stolen a mattress from the store, according to the report.

Barringer explained to the officer the mattress was a replacement for one the customer had returned, claiming it was uncomfortable. The customer grabbed the mattress and walked out the door after she explained the new mattress could not be taken until it was cleared through medical insurance, the report said.

A friend of the customer, left behind at the store, told the officer he was stranded and referred to his friend as “an old fashioned mountain (person) who pretty much does what (he or she) wants,” the report said.

The mattress was valued at $625. The case is under investigation.