Commissioners set to vote


City commissioners are expected to vote at today’s meeting on details concerning the second phase of the Clovis Wellness Center, according to city documents.

The second phase includes the construction of offices and a pool, according to documents. The pool and offices are tentatively planned for placement at Play Inc. on Seventh Street, according to city officials.

The Wellness Center Committee recommends the city select CDM engineering firm for design and construction oversight on this phase of the project, a city document reads. CDM has headquarters in Massachusetts and would use its subcontractor, Dekker/Perick/Sabatini for the project, according to the document.

The projected cost for this phase of the Wellness Center is about $364,000, the document reads.

The Wellness Center is funded largely through state appropriations.
However, a state oversight department is withholding a 2005 Wellness appropriation from the city of Clovis.

More than $150,000 in legislative funds is being withheld because the state has determined the funds would be misused if they paid for construction at a Clovis baseball field.

The New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration has determined Clovis cannot be reimbursed for about $150,000 unless the New Mexico Legislature clarifies the language it used to appropriate the funds.