Occupational dreams fill busy weekend

By Grant McGee: Local columnist

Pondering being a goat herder, selling fudge from town to town, riding a Spanish bicycle, looking for treasure in Clovis, visiting a Celtic Faire in Amarillo … it was all part of a High Plains weekend.

Afterward, it occurred to me there’s plenty to do around here. Come along through a flashback. You might get some ideas too.

Saturday started with yard “sale-ing,” what seems to be a high social occasion in Clovis these days, and you never know what you’ll find. Like the musical gem I bought at one sale titled “Thirteen Themes from James Bond Movies.”

While we were out I decided to go knock on the door of a house that had an interesting looking bicycle stuck in the bushes. I’d seen this bike as I passed by on my way home from work, thinking it had some parts I could use. I thought, “Well, if it’s just sitting in the bushes, maybe someone wants to sell it.” That’s how I met Lee, who seems to appreciate a good bicycle as much as I do. He likes to take bikes, fix them up and give them to the kids in his church. I had a couple of kids bikes I wasn’t doing anything with so we traded.

It turns out the two-wheeler in the bushes was niftier than I thought; pull a pin and it folds in half. And it came to Clovis from a faraway place — Spain. I’ve begun restoring it so I can use it to toodle around town.

Then around 11 a.m., The Lady of the House decided we should go up to Amarillo to a Celtic Faire she heard about. We zipped on up the road to the big city, found the fairgrounds and ambled on in to the Celtic Faire. People came from all around to celebrate things Celtic. There were the Irish and the Scots and the Pagans and lots of green stuff.

Part of the event was a sheep dog demonstration. I’ve never seen border collies in action. It was way cool. There was this little herd of goats and a border collie keeping them in check. This dog was all about those goats, if one tried to get out of the group that dog was right on it. We wondered, is there good money to be made with a well trained border collie and a bunch of goats?

On the way home, The Lady of the House and I pondered selling it all and being goat herders. Then we began to pick that idea apart bit by bit: not knowing a thing about goats, not having any rangeland, the fickle ups and downs of the market. We were conceptual goat herders for only a bit.

Sunday found us at the Peanut Valley Festival at Eastern New Mexico University. We walked around looking at the vendors wares for sale. That was about the time The Lady of the House lapsed into fudge dreams. She’s sometimes torn between her writing career and selling her homemade fudge.

We fancied selling off house and home, hitting the road in an RV, going from festival to festival selling fudge and making a million dollars. We were fudge millionaires for only a moment in time after we thought of the health department requirements, we didn’t have an RV and we actually like our home in Clovis.

It was all in a weekend on the High Plains.

Grant McGee hosts the weekday morning show on KTQM-FM in Clovis. Contact him at: