Letters to the Editor: Bond B would greatly benefit students

Editor’s note: Deadline for receiving letters related to the Nov. 7 election is Thursday. Letters addressing new issues will not be published after Nov. 1.

On Nov. 7, every voting New Mexico citizen will be given the opportunity to make a positive difference for our state’s universities and colleges. Regardless of your political affiliation, voting for higher education is the right thing to do.

As immediate past president and current member of Clovis Community College Foundation Board of Directors I am urging support of this very important General Obligation Bond for education, also known as Bond B. The bond issue is placed on the ballot by the New Mexico state Legislature every two years. The 2006 cycle proposes allocating nearly $118 million for capital improvements to the New Mexico Higher Education Institutions and constitutional Special Schools.

Clovis Community College will benefit with funding toward the Allied Health Center and Eastern New Mexico University will benefit with much needed renovations and expansion. Let’s support each other as microplex communities and vote for GO Bond B.

The cost to the taxpayers is very minimal. The GO Bond is funded by property taxes collected by the state of New Mexico. The cost will equal approximately 32 cents per thousand dollars of taxable value of property, down from 34 cents during the 2002 bond cycle.

For example, citizens will pay an average of $10.17 per year on property with an assessed value of $100,000.

Let’s help give our students the proper tools they need to be successful! Vote yes.

Raymond Mondragon

Addressing truth admirable
Regarding the editorial on Oct. 17: You showed insight and intelligent, rational writing on the immigration issue.

Thanks for having the courage to write the truth on an issue that has many people and lawmakers riding the fence.

Leonor Godinez-Plath

McCulloch strong conservative voice

In answer to Ned Cantwell’s Oct. 12 column on Jeff Bingaman:
Bingaman voted to give Social Security, in-state tuition and amnesty to illegals. He voted against a pay raise for the military.

His policies are bad for the people of New Mexico.

We have a better choice in Allen McCulloch. He is a real conservative. He will vote to protect our borders and stop the raid on Social Security. He supports traditional marriage and supports our military.

Make him our conservative voice for the people of New Mexico.

Wynette Greer

Local advocate right choice for judge
For many years I religiously watched the Clovis City Commission meetings on television. Sometimes I would become amused or even angered at the commissioners. I was very critical of Gloria Wicker, as she often had a different opinion than mine.

But this summer I worked at the Democratic Party booth at the Curry County Fair. Gloria and I became friends while we handed out stickers, pencils, balloons and popcorn.

I repent all my past conceptions of her. No one loves Clovis and Curry County more than Gloria. Her heart is in the right place.

We would be fortunate to have Gloria as our next probate judge. She has the time, energy and desire to work for the people and to be fair to all who come before her court. Gloria is an asset to our community. I urge all voters to consider and vote for Gloria Wicker for probate judge.

Elaine Howell