Worship hits airwaves

Faith Christian Family Church assistant minister Levan Poller edits video in the church’s TV studio. Poller also is manager for the TV station purchased by the church. CNJ staff photo: Andy DeLisle

By Tonya Fennell: CNJ staff writer

Lights. Camera. Worship.

Faith Christian Family Church is embracing technology in an attempt to reach Clovis’ unchurched.

Levan Poller, assistant minister at the non-denominational church, said FCFC will begin televising services Nov. 1 on KFCL Channel 41. Poller, said the television station, where he also serves as manager, was purchased by the church in September 2005.

Poller politely declined divulging the exact cost of the studio built inside the large North Norris Street church.

“Let’s just say it was six figures,” he said.

The studio, which features high-definition capabilities, was funded through church members’ donations.

“It took about a year to raise the funds,” Poller said.

Although worship services are still a few weeks away from being aired, Channel 41 is operational. Poller said the church’s channel includes religious material — a comedic talk show and Saturday morning children’s programming, to name a few.

“This (Channel 41) is community television,” he said. “Nothing you see will make you uncomfortable.”

Church Pastor David Swann said the programs being shown on Channel 41 are from Family Net out of Florida.

“We (FCFC) take it off the satellite,” Swann said, “and it (Channel 41) runs 24 hours.” Swann said his goal is to slowly replace current programs with local content.

“But that takes time and money,” he said. “We are working in stages.”

It will also take time for Swann to get used to the filming process.

“I can’t stand still,” Swann said, “but due to lighting the staff has created paths for me to follow.”

The pastor said he is elated about the television station.

“This (televised sermons) will give people a chance to find out about our church,” Swann said. “They can address any concerns, fears or misunderstandings without ever stepping foot inside the building.”

Swann said the sermons will not be broadcast live.

“I can get a little ornery,” he said with a chuckle, “so, it (sermon) will be edited and aired a week later.”

The church currently has three services — one Friday night and two Sunday. Swann said the 9 a.m. worship service will be filmed for airing.

Along with the family-oriented shows that are being aired, Poller said FCFC has been granted approval by the New Mexico Athletic Association to film and televise local sporting events.

“We (FCFC) will be showing Clovis High and Clovis Christian’s basketball games,” Poller said. The games will not be aired live, Poller said, because the church doesn’t want to negatively affect attendance at the games. “We will show them later so the folks who work or have small children can see the game,” he said. Both schools’ football games will be included on Channel 41’s line-up in 2007, according to Poller.

“This is not a religious station,” Poller said. “It’s a family station where residents can expect excellence.”