City picks Blair as new police chief

By Jean Verlich: CNJ News Editor

City Manager Joe Thomas stayed within the system in hiring a new police chief.

Thomas announced at Thursday’s Clovis City Commission meeting he has selected Deputy Police Chief Dan Blair to succeed Bill Carey, who retires Sept. 29.

Blair, a 21-year Clovis Police Department veteran, was promoted to deputy chief in April 2005.

“This is quite the honor to serve the community and quite the honor to be the chief,” he said.

Prefacing the announcement by saying Carey’s retirement placed him in a “dilemma,” Thomas said he “did a lot of soul searching” in finding a successor for the chief. It became clear, Thomas said, that there was someone within the department who was “eminently qualified for the position,” and that was Blair.

“Given his exemplary and outstanding performance with the department and the community, it just didn’t seem necessary to look any further to fill the position,” Thomas said in a written statement.

Blair said he wants to make Clovis “a safe place where everybody wants to raise their children.”

Blair expressed confidence in the men and women of the department working as a team.

Clovis had 56 full-time officers in April.