Judge not frogs nor people lest ye be judged

By Judy Brandon: Local columnist

During this past rainy week, I have seen many more frogs around our house and on the streets. Seeing all these frogs reminded me of the strange encounter I had with a frog.

One day several years ago I was getting ready for company and changing the sheets in the guest bedroom on the second floor of our home. Suddenly a croak from the corner of the room startled me.

I turned quickly, starring in the direction of the noise. There, sitting in the corner of the bedroom was a big, fat green frog! I couldn’t believe what I saw. How did it get into the second-floor bedroom? Did it hop up the stairs at midnight? Did it crawl through a vent? Did it hop up a tree, leap over to the garage roof, jump again 5 feet onto the roof of the kitchen and then bound into the second-floor window?

I was puzzled. It had gotten there some way. I knew I had to grab it or forever have it in the house. So I crept over to the corner, picked up the big green thing and took it downstairs, out the back door and into my neighbor’s pond.

I couldn’t figure it out. Why was the frog on the second floor of my house? How did it get there? By my standards, it was out of place. I was puzzled and still am.

That frog experience is not the only thing that puzzles me. I admit that I have an inclination to size people up because they don’t fit my standards. I think about heaven and who will be there. My perception of some believers is not in line with God’s eternal perspective and how he sees them.

I am guilty of studying the Christian who is too pushy. Is she trying to impress people?

I comment disapprovingly of the teenager with the baggy pants and ponytail. Doesn’t he know we don’t come to church like that?
I notice the character who tries to impress me with his religious blabber. I bet he is all talk and no action.

I look at the young girl with nose rings, piercings, orange streaked hair and a tattooed necklace around her neck. She is so foolish.
I see the Christian who always tries to impress me by telling me about all the work that he is doing in the church. You are serving your own ego, brother!

But back to the frog in the upstairs bedroom. Think about the second floor as heaven. I don’t decide who will get to heaven — it does not depend on my standards. My own personal approval of others is not a factor. In fact, we all may really be shocked at who will be there. They may not look the part, but what will matter is whether they accepted Christ and chose him long ago.

Further, not one of us is worthy to be in heaven. Paul said that we “all fall short of his glory” (Romans 3:23) and that is why Christ came.
Our dress, mannerisms, personality, intelligence, personal popularity, occupation, college degrees or financial status will make no difference when it comes to heaven.

When I was a little girl, we often sang a song called “Wonderful Grace of Jesus.” It is true. Jesus’ own words in John 14 tells us that he is preparing mansions in eternity for those believe.

By the way, there are no guest rooms in heaven.

Judy Brandon is a Clovis resident. Contact her at: