Meetings Watch 7/27

The following is a summary of the Clovis City Commission meeting held Wednesday:
• The 2006-2007 city budget was approved. The estimated cash balance of the budget is roughly $17 million with revenues and expenditures, according to city documents. City revenues are slightly higher than expected and will be funneled into public improvement projects, City Manager Joe Thomas said.
• Clovis Pride member Rose Riley urged city commissioners to create and enforce ordinances that would fine or punish property owners who do not maintain the appearance of their property. Mayor David Lansford and Commissioner Robert Sandoval expressed support for such ordinances and said the appearance of the city does not bode well for economic development.
• Commissioners approved the creation of steering committee to consider the future of an unoccupied building at 400 Mitchell St. The building, once the site of a lumber company, was donated to the city.
Four city commissioners, Juan Garza, Len Vohs, Robert Sandoval, and Ron Edwards, and three citizens were voted on to the committee. Commissioners said a citizen from District 3 is needed to fill a vacant spot on the committee, which is also comprised of representatives from various city departments.
The building could be torn down or renovated for city use pending their conclusions, City Manager Joe Thomas said.
• A city restriction on the sale of fireworks will expire, as per the will of the commission. The sale of fireworks is still restricted under another city ordinance, commissioners said.
That ordinance restricts the sale of fireworks in the city yearlong, with the exception of the Fourth of July, New Year’s, Cinco de Mayo, and the Chinese New Year, according to City Commissioner Ron Edwards.
• Commissioners approved a change order on the construction of the Play Inc. natatorium. City Purchasing Agent Dave Boswell said the wiring at the natatorium needs to be replaced. The wiring problems were not anticipated, he said, because they are internal.
• A six-week extension was granted for the construction of lagoon for Southwest Cheese wastewater at the city wastewater treatment plant.
• Commissioner Isidro Garcia was elected to represent the Clovis City Commission at the New Mexico Municipal Leagues Annual Conference.
• Ranking of the 2006-2007 legislative priorities for the city was postponed.
• Matt Wood of the Clovis Fire Department was recognized as the Distinguished Supervisor of the Quarter. Debbie Anthony of the Clovis Finance Department was recognized as the Distinguished Line Employee of the Quarter.
• An application for a beer and wine license at The Shogun Japanese Steakhouse, 600 Pile St., was approved.

— Compiled by Marlena Hartz