Letter trashing military effort appalling

Letters to the Editor

What is the intent of publishing letters full of liberal psychobabble from residents who hate the military? (“U.S. war crimes must not go unpunished,” Wednesday’s CNJ)

I’m amazed this trash is published in such a pro-military city.

The author (Doug Morris) of the latest assault on our men in uniform suggests the alleged massacre in Haditha is fact before the men are even tried in a courtroom. He then goes on to cite a ridiculous poll that has no credibility anywhere in America.

I have personally spent more than 12 months in the Middle East and I can assure you that my fellow members of the profession of arms are proud of what they are doing and believe they are truly making the world a better place to live.

The United States military proudly defends Doug Morris’ right to spit on them as he wishes, but don’t twist reality with baseless assumptions.

Richard Lopes

Businesses should also try to conserve water

I recently traveled into town around 4:30 a.m. and noticed a store employee washing the sidewalk and parking lot.

This is not the only time I have witnessed this and several businesses are guilty.

I think something needs to be done with this practice of water waste. Maybe the water company can buy them a broom.

The people who are trying to have a nice lawn and make Clovis look a little greener should not be the only ones targeted to conserve water.

Businesses in town and in the county should help conserve also. We should all be trying our best to conserve our water.

Steve Gershon