5/19 amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

bertie s graduation daze

boss i saw bertie
woeworm the other
day and he was more
miserable than i ve
ever seen him – and
that s saying a lot

you remember bertie
woeworm boss he s the
sort of fellow who
when he walks into a
room you feel like
somebody just turned
out the lights

bertie was crying
it s so sad he said
my life is worse
than really bad

why what s the
matter says i
nothing can be
that bad there s
no need to cry

yes there is bertie
whimpered with a
sigh saturday is
graduation day so
saturday is the day i die

how can that be says me
graduation is a joyous
time a celebration of life —
not death — of achievements —
not failure — how can you be
depressed about any of that

graduation signals a big
change in my life says he
tearfully it means a
change in my lifestyle a
change in my routine a
change in my clothes and a
change in how i do things

i don t know if you know
this or not since i keep my
emotions pretty much to
myself but i don t handle
change very well

i tell ya amos on saturday i
plan to faint and die

change is good says me to
him where would we be
without changes in our life
and history — we d still be
little cave mouses and little
cave caterpillars today
instead of the sophisticated
globe-traveling worldly wise
creatures we are now

of course boss i had to keep
my little tongue firmly
lodged against my cheek
to keep from biting on it
in unbridled mirth

i guess you re right amos
says he to me but don t you
see that graduation is the
end of my sanity
it s the end of life for me
the end of calm and
tranquility the death
of peaceful serenity

i ll lose my structure my
routine and all my friends
life will be empty dismal
and at its frazzled end

i tell ya amos on saturday i
plan to fade into the wind

no no no you don t understand
my little wiggly depressed
friend graduation is not an
end it s the beginning again
the freeing of the soul to
ascend struggle achieve and
win in a new career a new
life s end

it s the joy of living life
brand-new of overcoming
strife and its blues of reaping
rewards for work done
faithfully and true

graduation is the hallelu
for all the golden work you do