5/7 Letters to the editor

Multiple standards no good for policy
One of the biggest problems with our immigration policy is the policy itself is different for different countries.

If you are escaping from Cuba and you set foot on dry land, you cannot be sent back. Why do Cubans get special treatment? Because the U.S. doesn’t like Castro?

Immigration laws should be the same for every country, not based on whether you come from a Communist country or just one that is economically depressed.

Out of interest, how many other countries allow illegal immigrants to remain in their country, have children that automatically become citizens of that country, educate those children and provide them with free or reduced price meals and health care?

I’m not in favor of deporting all illegal immigrants, but some of the benefits they get for sneaking into this country should be removed.

Jeffrey Greene

Building walls won’t solve immigration
I have a suggestion for the Republican Party — an idea for the immigration issue: Contact the German government and see if they have concrete and barbed wire left from the Berlin Wall that we could use to build a Mexico Wall.

To paraphrase that great statesman Ronald Reagan, “Mr. Bush, build up that wall.”

Is there a Republican out there who can explain why it was so wrong for the Soviet Bloc to erect a wall separating families and friends, but it is so right for the “free” U.S. to build a wall that will separate family and friends.

Gene Bundy

Foster parenting can bring satisfaction
May is National Foster Care Month, a time to raise public awareness of the need for more people who are willing to change a lifetime for children and youth in foster care by sharing their hearts, opening their homes, and offering help.

As a foster parent, I have experienced the tremendous satisfaction of opening up my home and heart to a child or young person. Being a foster parent has been one of the most important things I have ever done.

I urge everyone to find out how to make a difference in the life of a child in foster care by visiting www.cyfd.org or calling 1-800-432-2075.

There are hundreds of ways you can help.

Renee Fitts