Letters to the editor: College board made tough decision

Last Wednesday, I attended the Clovis Community College Board of Trustees meeting. We should thank all members of the board for their careful deliberation, and for voting their conscience — whatever their choice. While they did not all agree, each showed the passion they felt for the future of our college. I also think we need to thank Becky Rowley for serving as CCC’s interim president.

The board room was filled with family and friends from the community who had hopes of Rowley becoming the next president. Many were angry when that did not occur. Some were even merciless and hateful with their comments.

One person said the three members on the board who voted for John Neibling, instead of Rowley, should be submitting their resignations or be recalled.

Another suggested this was just more of the “Good-old-boy” system at work. If so, didn’t the vote go the wrong way?

Another echoed the sentiments of board member Gayla Brumfield in iterating that Rowley is one of ours. She graduated from Clovis High School, went away to college and came back. It’s not fair they would bring in an outsider. This is a wonderful emotional plea of support that does not address — one way or another — Rowley’s leadership abilities or qualities.

A man with tears in his eyes said, “This board is just plain unfair. They won’t get away with this.” I asked him if he worked at the college. He said, “No, but I have known her most of my life. It’s just not fair.”

Rather than indulging in bitterness, divisiveness, vengeful talk, and name-calling, shouldn’t we let the system work? I believe the future for Clovis, Curry County, and Clovis Community College is bright. Let’s pull together to make CCC the best academic institution in eastern New Mexico.

Ron Biddle

Hispanic resident wants tougher immigration laws
As a Hispanic American, I’m all for stricter laws related to immigration.
The new breed of immigrant is coming to use the welfare system. Yes, you do have those who come to work, but nowadays they are in the minority.

Because of expense, etc., it would be next to impossible to ship 12 million people back to Mexico. But two things our lawmakers can do:

1. Issue a “certificate of birth in the U.S.A., child of an illegal immigrant” stating that the child does not have an inherent right to citizenship or rights afforded to a citizen of the U.S. by state or federal government.

2. Besides making it a felony to assist an illegal, schools should receive funding only for children of the U.S.

Also, I think a person desecrating the American flag should be deported to their country of origin. Any U.S citizen who desecrates an American flag should lose their right to vote.

I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point. Hopefully, some of your readers will pass it on to those who represent us.

Fernando Sena

Oil companies getting rich with president’s help
Bravo! The CNJ editorial on April 27 (“Overregulation driving price of gas higher”) was right on. I, too, am sick to death of George Bush’s pandering. And I’m sick of the American public buying into it.

If people want to whine to someone about the price of gas, they need to whine to the responsible parties — their state and federal governments.
Oil companies make six to eight cents per gallon of gas. The government thieves make an average of 50 cents per gallon — 60 cents in New York and California. But, they’re certainly not about to offer up any relief from any kind of taxation.

George W. Bush has a degree from Harvard and the majority of Congress members are sufficiently educated to know there is no price gouging by oil companies. These politicians are catering to the unwashed, uneducated, distrustful-of-capitalism people, who they think are their constituents.

And, while the whiners are at it, why don’t they get after the environmentalist wackos who have dictated legislation preventing us from building a refinery in 30 years, and have been instrumental in mandating the 17 (expensive) blends of gasoline mentioned in the editorial.

I, for one, will continue to drive my pickup (sans Bush stickers since last weekend) and voice my opinion at the polls. Hey, I might even buy some Exxon-Mobil stock! I’m not fooled by the politicians’ candy-coated horse manure.

There’s no shortage of oil in this country and there’s no oil company price gouging going on.
It’s time for another tea party.

Glenda Bly