Clovis man sentenced to 15 years

CNJ staff

A Clovis man was sentenced to 15 years in prison Tuesday for a 2005 crime spree, according to a press release from the 9th Judicial District Attorney’s office.

Marcos Cerda, 21, was convicted of kidnapping, aggravated battery against a household member, escape from custody and three counts of battery against a peace officer.

The conviction relates to an incident on March 3, 2005, when police arrested Cerda after he used his girlfriend as a shield with a knife to her throat. He was already wanted on a warrant for battery against his girlfriend.

Two weeks after his arrest, Cerda attempted to escape from a hearing at the Curry County Magistrate Court.

According to the release, Cerda picked the locks on his handcuffs and shackles, then crawled into the ceiling. He was apprehended after falling through the ceiling of a courtroom and attempting to run through the lobby.