4/30 Letters to the editor

CCC decision triumph of good ol’ boys
As a former Clovis resident, I applaud Ann deMaio, Cathy Haynes and Gayla Brumfield, who have been outspoken in wanting the community to support accomplished young Clovis natives who return to Clovis, serve Clovis and remain in Clovis.

John Neibling’s administrative credentials have been touted as the reason he was hired as Clovis Community College president over Becky Rowley. But if one were to compare Neibling’s administrative credentials with Rowleys, and prorate those over the difference in ages, Rowley should be the hands-down winner. Rowley began her administrative experience in 1992 as program coordinator for the English faculty. Former CCC President Beverlee McClure quickly recognized Rowley’s potential for leadership at a higher level and appointed her executive vice president in 1999. Rowley has spent all of her college years at CCC in some phase of administration.

Neibling’s doctorate is in educational administration and supervision; Rowley is an adjunct faculty member for New Mexico State University in its doctoral program in community college leadership.

I agree with Haynes. Why reinvent the wheel? Did three members of the Board of Trustees not see the diamond that was right in front of them? Did those board members study Rowley’s resume, contact references, visit with faculty members and staff, talk to public school administrators who have worked with Rowley over the years or talk to community college leaders throughout the state who know and respect Rowley for her dedication to the community college mission and for her keen intelligence and quick insight? Or, did the good ol’ boys decide they did not want another strong, capable woman leading the college?

Chris Walters
Austin, Texas

Trustees warrant more attention
I attended the Clovis Community College Board of Trustees meeting held on Wednesday morning. My purpose for attending was to help show support for hiring Becky Rowley as the new president of CCC. The room was full to overflowing with people who were there for the same reason.

But after some routine business, the Board went into executive session, returned to the open meeting and voted 3-2 to appoint John Neibling as president instead of Rowley.

I applaud Arnold Martinez and Gayla Brumfield for voting no on the motion to select Neibling. I also appreciated Brumfield’s comments when she voted; after her statement in favor of Rowley, the room broke into applause.

But the good-old-boy system prevailed. They can say all they want about the search committee and the candidate list, but most everyone knows it was the good-old-boy system.

I have been like many others in this town. I have been willing to ignore the CCC Board meetings and the Board elections. But not any more. I for one plan to attend every meeting I can.

I also think more of us should show more interest in the CCC Board elections in the future.

CCC is an important part of our community and we as citizens need to start paying more attention to the Board that runs the operation.

David A. Williams

CCC board deserves recognition for work
I feel constrained to write an open letter concerning the recent decision of the Board of Trustees of Clovis Community College to hire a new president of our fine institution. I did not and do not have an opinion as to their selection.

The purpose of this letter is to commend the trustees for their substantial time donated without compensation to steer our community college. I am sure they spent hours screening and interviewing candidates. I doubt that any candidate was interviewed who would not have been a qualified candidate successor to the president.

Our board, by a majority vote, selected a candidate whom they believe was best qualified to lead our community college. I believe all involved deserve the full support of every member of this community.

Fred Tharp, Jr.