4/14 amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse who types by hurling himself at the keyboard, but he can’t use the capital shift keys and he shuns punctuation marks – except the hyphens and dashes.

rollo the easter bug

boss i bumped into
rollo the roley-poley bug
this good friday morning
he was doing his favorite
activity — going forward
by rolling backwards

why do you do what
you do rollo says me
i don t understand you
at all you re such a
backwards little ball

it makes perfectly
good sense says he
the best way to get
to where you wanna be
is to go where you ve
been and see what
you ve seen

by going backwards
you re going back the
way you came  life then
becomes a new game and
yet remains the same
see how easy it is says
he to me

no it sounds like truth
twisted into a pretzel
to me are you sure you
haven t been sipping
on some wetzel juice
says me

no not at all says he
life – and truth – are
both tangled with
twists and paradoxes

take easter for example
the greatest of all
christian holidays

we celebrate it
because life springs
from death joy
from sorrow and
hope from despair

now think about the
paradox of jesus

he gave up what he was to
become what we are so that
we might be free from what
we are to become what he is

christ became a curse for us
so that we the cursed might
be free from the curse

jesus the sinless one became
sin for us so that we the
sinful ones may be set free
from sin

the physician took the
medicine and the patient
was healed

the heir became poor so that
we the poor may inherit his

in him was life but he became
death in order that we who
are dead might live

but that s not all — as important
as his death was even more
important is his resurrection
on easter sunday

so says me in your backwards
way of thinking how do you
explain the resurrection

the same way that our
resident theologian martin
luther owl explains it says
he  he calls the death of
jesus death against death

and death against death
equals resurrection and life

once we have jesus life
in us there is nothing
that can stop us we are
more than conquerors
we are victors over sin
death and hell — all because
of jesus resurrection

that s the glory of easter
and the joy of eternal life

you know boss maybe the
backward rolling bugs have
something here after all