4/9 Letters to the editor

Schools should rethink budget solution
In Wednesday’s paper I read that the Clovis schools are in a budget crunch and, according to the superintendent, the solution to the problem is to reduce the number of teachers at Clovis High School.

On an inside-page story, I also read that the school board had waived a nepotism rule so the superintendent’s husband could contimue to work at an administrative job for the school district.

Has it ever occurred to anyone that the teachers are the ones who actually do the educating of children for the community, not the administrators at the central office?

Administrators at the central office have their high-paying jobs because the teachers do the work.

It would seem that if budget cuts need to be made, the central office and the salary of the superintendent’s husband might be a good place to start.

Rich Davidson

Defense of Bush without merit
In a recent letter to the editor, Curry County Republican Party Chairman Rube Render is defensive about the strong message that delegates to the Democratic Party of New Mexico Convention sent to President Bush. But Render’s defense of George Jr. lacks credibility.

At all levels of government, Democrats are fighting for accountability, encountering resistance from Republicans. The current Republican-controlled Congress will never seriously consider impeaching its president, but process should not trump principle.

Were the use of illegal wiretaps against Americans not cause for the strongest condemnation of the Bush administration, Washington Republicans have also failed to balance the budget, protect our environment, fund education, honor veterans or address the health care crisis. The Bush administration proved further incompetent in its failed response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

And for what? To “focus” on sending our soldiers into war on questionable evidence, without an exit plan, and even without proper body armor?

Perhaps Render is proud of Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff and Duke Cunningham, just to name a few Republicans who have been indicted for bribery and racketering in recent months, but New Mexicans are frustrated with the culture of corruption and cronyism. The country needs new direction — one that is responsive to everyone, not just a few corporate CEOs.

As long as there is a freedom of speech, that very patriotic sentiment deserves a voice.

Matt Farrauto,
executive director
Democratic Party
of New Mexico