3/17 amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift keys, and he shuns punctuation marks – except dashes and hyphens.

cheetos and faith

boss i m facing a lull
in my faith life right
now a void in my quiet
time a lack of revelation
in my contemplation
no inspiration in my

in other words all s
quiet on the prayer
front when i study
god s word boss my
mind is there but my
heart is gone my body
goes through the motions
but my spirit is
snuggled up in bed

there is no joy
no life no great
love no deep thoughts
from above

oh it s miserable
to be a mousy
christian without
the joy of jesus
rocking your soul

so i went to pastor
leroy beetle to share
my doleful dilemma

has some dark dreadful
sin entered your heart
within says he

sin is always striving
to get in says me in all
honesty but i pray
to keep it at bay

and i try to confess
any thought or deed
amiss that would ever
get the best of me

that s good says he
maybe then this is
a trial of your faith
a time when heaven
is silent and the sky s
like brass

after all what good
is your faith if all you
asked for just came
your way without any
waiting without any delay

if blessings were automatic
the instant you prayed
who would need faith or
god – soon all life and joy
would fade

you re right says me
but it still doesn t
make it easy

i know little one
says pastor leroy
but trust me and stay
faithful – it ll come

a day or two later boss i
went to the church kitchen
and there on top of the
table was a bag of
glorious cheese-flavored
crunchy cheetos

the only problem was
crouched just beneath
the table — marcellus the
cruel hard-hearted cat

but boss i was transfixed
i couldn t move i couldn t
go i just sat and stared
at those golden cheetos

my mouth watered i drooled
all over my face i kept on
saying grace after grace
i hungered for those
crunchies with all of my
soul i longed for those snacks
all the way to my toes

finally pastor leroy passed
by and saw my dilemma
he whistled for louie the
songdog who chased that
evil marcellus away

i scampered up the table
and stuffed my whiskered
face so full of cheetos i
looked like an orange moon

and pastor leroy looks at
me with a nod and a grin
now see says he hunger for
god without and within
like you did for those
cheetos my friend
and you ll find his
peace and joy again

and you know what boss
he was right all it takes
is a willing soul and his
joy and goodness will fill
you to way past overflow


p s – boss that cheetos
incident certainly gave me
a whole new perspective
on that eighth verse in psalms
thirty-four that says –
oh taste and see that the lord
is good – blessed or happy
is the one who trusts in him