Farmers hope rain will continue

Freedom Newspapers

Southwest Cheese had just received its first delivery of milk. The Civic Center and the roundabout were still under construction. Big Lots was still a month away from opening at 21st and Prince.

Clovis was a lot different the last time it saw this much rain.

The National Weather Service reported 0.72 of an inch fell at Cannon Air Force Base on Sunday night, ending more than five months of dry weather that left wheat fields brown and firefighters overwhelmed with calls to put out prairie fires.

Clovis last saw so much moisture on Oct. 10 when it recorded 0.68 of an inch — a month so wet area peanut farmers were concerned they couldn’t get their bountiful crops out of the field.

How times have changed.

Roosevelt County Agricultural Extension Agent Floyd McAlister called Sunday’s rain a “shot in the arm” for area wheat farmers.

“It was six-tenths of an inch to eight-tenths of an inch depending where you were in the county,” McAlister said. “What wheat that has not already died will benefit from this rain. That benefit will be greatly diminished if we don’t get anymore rain. I’d like to see more rain in the next week or at least the next month.”

Weather forecasters say the region could receive more rain as early as Wednesday.

“I think the rain was fantastic,” said Dee Washburn, a teacher at Brown Early Childhood Development Center in Portales. “I was hoping and praying. I live in Floyd and (prior to the rain) all that dirt had just been blowing around.”

Sunday marked just the fifth time in six months Clovis received more than a tenth-of-an-inch of rain in one day; the last time was Oct. 19, when it received 0.12 of an inch.