3/12 Letters to the editor

Students have right to attend school
I read Victoria Rae Bryant’s letter to the editor in Tuesday’s CNJ with amazement. (“Principal squelching students’ rights”) I didn’t realize students had rights.

Back when I was in high school, the only right I had was that the doors were open when I was supposed to be there. I guess another right was that I was provided heat and light, but that was dependent on the efficiency of the furnace and local electric company.

Oh yes — I had the right to get tests and schoolbooks.

In college I had the right to pass or get kicked out.

Glad things are better now.

Karl Spence

Teachers deserve pay raise as much as administrators
As wonderful a job as the school board seems to believe the superintendent is doing, you can bet the teachers and educational assistants throughout the school district are doing even better.

It would be nice if they were considered for a pay raise, especially after only eight months of service.

Sure they are given yearly steps, which only pays for the hike in their insurance. My daughter works full time as an educational assistant. She is in the classroom every day, all day long, working alongside the classroom teacher, actually teaching the children of the future. She does not even earn half of what the superintendent’s husband earns working part time.

Rhonda Seidenwurm already earns around $100,000 per year. Why give her a pay raise and not the people who work directly with the children every day?

I would be ashamed if the school board wanted to give me a raise knowing what the people in the classrooms are making.

I bet the teachers and their assistants view this as a slap in the face.

Donald Campbell