Clovis students participating in state science fair

CNJ staff

Eleven students from the Clovis Municipal Schools will travel to the campus of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro on April 7 to participate in the New Mexico Science and Engineering Fair, according to a press release from Clovis Municipal Schools.

The students won the trip by placing first or second in their respective categories during the Regional Science Fair competition, held at Eastern New Mexico University in early March.

The objective of the New Mexico Science and Engineering Fair, the press release said, is to “encourage and reward excellence in science, mathematics, and engineering projects carried out by junior high and high school students from throughout the state.” Winners at the state level will be eligible to compete in the 2006 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair held in Indianapolis, Ind.

Clovis Municipal Schools participants are as follows:

• Jay Burns from Clovis High School for “Investigating Asymmetrical Capacitators”

• Martha Valdez from La Casita Elementary for “Greatest Fears — Lo Que Ternan Mas”

• Brittany Gutman from Parkview Elementary for “How Does the Body React to Essential Oils”

• Kelsie Schwartz from Mesa Elementary for “Do Different Colored Lights Affect the Amount of Oxygen Produced during Photosynthesis?”

• Kelsie Estes from Zia Elementary for “Rust or Rust Proof”

• Terran Duffield from Zia Elementary for “Wi -Fi Hot Spots”

• Conor Keane from Mesa Elementary for “How Does a Sunscreen’s SP Relate to its Effectiveness?”

• Maeve Keane from Mesa Elementary for “How Does the Bacterial Activity Affect Flavor, Texture?”

• Angely Arrington from Lincoln-Jackson Arts Academy for “Always North?”

• Maryssa Bland from Lincoln-Jackson Arts Academy for “Red Disguise”

• Roberto “RJ” Segura from Bella Vista Elementary for “Soil Survivors”