Music can aid future career

By Judy Gambill: Guest columnist

This is part of a series in which local columnists share their love for music in celebration of “Music in Our Schools Week” at Clovis Municipal Schools.

My mother made sure we had plenty of music in our home. She played the piano, and as a child she sang in many programs.

Naturally, she thought my sister and I should do the same.

I was extremely shy, so she put me in speech and dance classes, and I took piano lessons. I got to perform in all of these. It certainly prepared me for the work I chose and for the man I married, who also loved to sing.

My dance teacher, L.J. Whiteman, wanted me to sing as well as dance. One song I did was “Buttons and Bows.” My mother decided I needed a costume for the performance. She found a pea-green blouse with a large bow at the neck. She put huge white buttons down the front so when I sang about buttons and bows, I could point to the one I kept “on wearing.” You can make do in all situations.

During the years I worked as a home economist and a food service supervisor, I made a lot of speeches and spoke before large groups. If music had not been a big part of my life, I might not have the skills I needed to do what I chose to do.

Singing is my greatest joy in life, and I always look forward to being with the three choirs in which I sing. Each choir gives me a different type of music to sing and different directors with whom to work. Singing is a wonderful chance to meet new people and acquire new experiences.

Judy Gambill is a Clovis native, former home economist and business owner.